Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not over

No, it really is not over, it is just the end to a new beginning. We are still excited to keep working at this healthly lifestyle. I have noticed a difference in myself, and in all of you. Lets keep up what we have started. It is too easy to stop but lets not do that. DEAL???? looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. Also, lets plan another 5 k together, I think we need to do these things together and keep in touch. This challange has given me more lifetime memories and lifetime friends. Isn't it great how we have all bonded and each of us know what the others are going through. thanks for the friendships, and letsnot loose touch with each other. Loads of love to each of you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walked the 5K route

What fun it was to walk the route with many of our workout friends!! It made the time go by so quickly talking with everyone. We are all like a family now, we go through the same things, healthly eating then awful eating, weight loss, weight gain, good day with exercise, sore day from exercising, on and on. BUT... WE ARE ALL DOING IT, AND GUESS WHAT??/ WE ARE ALL WINNERS.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I read everyone's blogs and we are all so sad that this is ending. Hard to believe it is almost over, seems like we are just starting. I have really enjoyed this and know you all have as well. Also, what great new friends we have met. This is one of those life experiences that you never forget! This is for sure the best thing that could have happened to us and for us. Well we will all have to still see each other at the gym when this is over. Deal???

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Keep going

Yes, that's what we are all doing. Just keep going!! I am finding that I really enjoy being pushed to the limit at the gym. If I wasn't at the gym with Riley I know that I would not push myself so hard. I have noticed changes in everyone!! There is alot less of all of us isn't there? We are excited to have the BBQ after this is done, still working out the dates, but we will let everyone know as soon as we know. Ha ha ha. Keep up the great job and KEEP GOING>

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walking outside

Oh my gosh, I went walking outside on a trail, with lots of ups and downs (hills). My grandkids rode their bikes and Grandma walked. It was really ALOT harder than walking on the treadmill. I was sooo surprised. Made me wonder about the run for red, as it will be harder than I thought. The grandkids thought it was fun to have grandma try to run to catch up to them though, ha ha ha. BUT... imagine what I would have done before all this?? They probally would have found me laying down on the trail. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can run

Yesterday Ihad an injured employee and actually ran to his side, yes I did say run. Also, I was able to kneel down at his side and actually get back up without having to hold on to something or someone to get up. I did all this without even realizing it. After the fact it hit me that I had done the up and down without even thinking about it. Now this is really quite an accomplishment for me. I really now know how much benifit I get from all this exercising!!! Like many others I am not noticing a lot of loss on the scale, but all the other results make up for that. (I even ran today to get out of the rain, WOW).

Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Been too long since I have blogged. I have been busy taking care of my daughter with a blown out knee, ended up having a blood clot from knee to ankle. She is on shots daily to try and thin out the clot, and on coumadin for 5-6 months. Have to delay her surgery for 2 months due to the meds. She needs to stay down, and she has 3 kids. Her baby 8 months old also came down with the chicken pox, yep can you believe that. So needless to say I have not had a minute to write. Had a great work out today and felt good to release all the tension. Tomorrow is a Riley day, and he said last week he was going to work us harder!! What more can I do. Oh dear, guess we will see. ha ha ha. Loving this great weather, and makes me so happy and I noticed everyone else was happier also. See you all later